Re: Compiling Gnome ?

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Pascal Hofstee (Gnome-Test) wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering if anybody managed to get gnome compiled on FreeBSD.
> After some fiddling I can get gnome-libs-0.20 (from tarball) compiled (I
> think propperly).
> But when I try to compile gnome-core-0.20 I get the following errors.
> First as a normal user:

> If anybody could please point me out to what I might be doing wrong .. or
> on how to fix this problem please let me know ... I would like to check
> out gnome.
> Pascal Hofstee

Looks like you don't have enough memory.  MICO eats RAM when compiling
due to templates and other problems which i don't fully know.  In any case
you can try adding swap to your machine to build or try the ORBit version
of panel :)  Though the ORBit version is not widely used yet so it may
have unknown problems.

Manish Vachharajani

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