Upcoming ORBit 0.1 release

For those of you who didn't yet know, I got the GNOME panel using ORBit to
communicate with applets in a semi-reliable fashion. It's not perfect yet,
but it does mark a milestone.

I'd like to make a "0.1 release" sometime next week. It will allow people
to start using the panel with ORBit, and also will serve as a nice
"calling card" so everyone out there knows what ORBit is all about and
what has been going on. 

TODO for release:
	- Improvements:
		Handle errors a lot more gracefully, especially in the
		demarshalling code.

		Basic (system-only) exception support (implement
		ORBit_handle_exceptions(), basically).

	- Profile memory usage and speed (VERY low priority at this point,
	  but if you have a patch that implements a better design,
	  say so. :-)

	- Make sure that it works flawlessly with the panel.
	  [This is mainly my problem to fix, since I'm not committing
	   ORBit panel patches until it works.]

	- Portability fixes. I rewrote all the code that uses
	  poll/select, but of course I didn't test the select version :)
	  I have a few patches from my compilation experience on Solaris,
	  and from a FreeBSD user, that I need to incorporate. I'll
	  try to get these in on Monday. If it works on Linux, FreeBSD,
	  and Solaris then I'm happy. Dick wants to support SunOS as
	  well, but that'll be his problem :)

	  Also, it shouldn't depend on libiberty any more, although it
	  does require the latest glib out of CVS.

	- Testing:
		Create an _automated_, more comprehensive test suite.

		Make sure that stubs & skeletons work for combinations
		of in, out, & return parameters for strings and numeric
		types. That's my functionality goal for this release :-)

		Interoperability: test against OmniORB & Mico.
		(I am having problems with Mico because it seems to set
		the message_size in the header to the total length of the
		message, not the size of the message minus the size of the
		header. Can someone verify/disavow this?)

If anyone would like to volunteer to do these things, just do it, and send
me a quick note (and a patch, if appropriate) and I'll check that off as

Comments & suggestions welcomed,
-- Elliot
As always, the ORBit web page is at http://www.labs.redhat.com/orbit/

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