cvs update from source snapshots

I asked about this last night (not very well though), and got no answer so
I'm going to try again.

I grabbed the gnome source code tarballs (which has been compiling
beautifully on my RH 5.1 system) from, figuring I could
just go ahead an update them as needed with CVS.  WRONG!!  I've determined
that the few modules I got via CVS (everthing before docs) all have a
`CVS' directory in them with some sort of CVS log file... etc.  All the
source snapshots I got are missing this necessary CVS directory, therefore
cannot be updated with CVS, ie trying to update `e' (WHICH I LOVE!!)
barfs back:

cvs server: Updating e
U e/.cvsignore
cvs update: Cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: no such file or directory
cvs [update aborted]: Cannot open CVS/Entries.log: no such file or dir...

Is there a workaround?  Can I force CVS to update and create these
CVS/Entries files itself?  If not, what can I do besides start over?

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