Whoha! 108 MBytes X Server size

Thank god the panel and the cpu/mem usage applet is working. I just
got an X Server with 108 MByte Size (reported by top). running was the 
CVS cersion of panel and the CVS cersion of gtcd. After stopping the
CD player the size of the X server shrunk down to the normal 12 MByte.

1500 x 1200 16 bpp

I've just started tgcd again, hoping to get the same behaviour again
(no i didn't change the CD in case that matters ;-).

Any ideas what this could be? I don't know enough of X11 internals to
know if this could be cause by a GC leak, pixmaps, ...

Michael Lausch/g.a.m.s. edv dienstleistungen gmbh
See my web page <http://www.gams.net/~mla> or query PGP key server for PGP key.
"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away".
                -- Philip K. Dick

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