Re: gnome-libs linking problems

Josh> I've had linking problems with gnome-libs since anoncvs came
Josh> back up.

Josh> The problem seems to be that the recently-compiled libraries [in
Josh> .libs dirs] aren't being linked in... instead, the installed
Josh> libraries [in /usr/local/lib] are... which is causing the symbol
Josh> ref problems...  I attempted to manually modify the Makefile to
Josh> include "-L../libgnomeui/.libs", but libtool doesn't like
Josh> relative dirs.

The link command uses `../libgnomeui/', not `-lgnomeui'.
So the -L argument will be ignored in this case.  Well, it should be.
libtool seems to transform the argument into `-lgnomeui', and it puts
../libgnomeui/.libs into LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Maybe this means that libtool has a bug on FreeBSD.  Maybe adding to
LD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't enough on that OS (about which I know literally
nothing).  Could you see if a newer version of libtool does something
different?  Or if you can figure out what libtool ought to be doing?


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