Re: Some writing about sound

Stephen R. Kifer writes:
 > Russell Nelson writes:
 >  > Jurgen Botz writes:
 >  >  > But X terminals are history.
 >  > 
 >  > Not completely.  I now have two screens on my desk.  One is my real
 >  > computer, and the other is a PC configured as an X terminal.  With
 >  > xmove and x2x, I can treat them as a single wide display.

 > That sounds great, but I've never heard of xmove and x2x.  Can you
 > point to some further info?  Thanks.

From: Steve Dunham <>
To: Russell Nelson <>
Subject: Re: x2x?
Date: 21 Apr 1998 15:39:49 -0400

Russell Nelson <> writes:

>  > I'm also running "x2x" which allows me to move my mouse off of the
>  > left side of my i386 Linux box onto the screens of my sparc Linux
>  > box. So I have 3 screens on 2 machines (4 screens, 3 machines if my
>  > laptop is hooked up).  x2x also syncronizes the selection between the
>  > X servers.

>  > (Actually, you could move stuff from server to server using "xmove".)

> Where might I get xmove and/or x2x?

x2x is available as a Debian package, I've also made a RPM package,
you can get it from:

There is a shot of my office in:

which includes my 3 monitor setup.

The home for x2x is:

The home for xmove is:

Last I checked (at least a year ago) there were a few bugs, and some
problems with 16 and 24 bit support, but there appears to be a new
beta version out.


-russ <>
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