rpmbuild script


I just wanted to let you know that I've added a rpmbuild directory
to the repository. At the moment it's a
``rough-pre-alpha-but-it-works-for-me'' release *g* of a script that can
be used to handle an automatic cycle of
cvs update ...
tar cfz ...
rpm -ba ...
rpm -Uvh ...

for all the modules you specify in the build.cfg. This can come handy in a
crontab entry for the early morning :)

It's obviously very useful for people who want to work with the bleeding
edge Gnome, but would prefer RPMs to freely installed source.
(Actually that describes me: I want/need the cutting edge Gnome, but I
 still do rather peripherical Gnome work, writing the TOM language

-) many of them.
KNOWN BUGS: (or suspected ones)
-) The error level return value is not checked for most commands.
-) There are only the spec files of the Gnome part I've been interested
   in. (I'm working on this one.)
-) There is at the moment no support for ppp-up/down, as I use diald.


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