batmon.c fails

Perhaps this is compiler-specific? 

batmon.c:416: warning: `init_module' was declared implicitly `extern' and later `static'
batmon.c:303: warning: previous declaration of `init_module'
batmon.c:416: warning: type mismatch with previous implicit declaration
batmon.c:303: warning: previous implicit declaration of `init_module'
batmon.c:416: warning: `init_module' was previously implicitly declared to return `int'
batmon.c: In function `main':
batmon.c:303: conflicting types for `init_module'
batmon.c:416: previous declaration of `init_module'

Anyway, this will fix it for me -- does it break anything else?

--- batmon.c.orig	Sat Jul 11 11:22:03 1998
+++ batmon.c	Sat Jul 11 11:22:29 1998
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
 static char *ac_pixmap_filename;
 static char *bat_pixmap_filename;
+static void init_module (void);
 static GtkWidget *window;
 static GtkWidget *batcharge;
 static GtkWidget *statlabel;

Michael D. Harnois, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Washburn, IA             
Most lies succeed because no one goes through the work to 
figure out how to catch them. -- Paul Ekman

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