Re: Gnome SLIDER and such...

On Fri, Jul 10, 1998 at 10:31:03AM +0100, Jorge Gomes Silva wrote:
> The best slider game I ever played must be "Spitting Images" for the
> ZX Spectrum. You'll need some work to do a better game

Oh boy.  I just D/L'ed a copy of this game for the C64. It's real name is
"Split Personalities" due to the request of the "Spitting Image" puppet
group.  There were apparently non-legit version of this game floating
around with the working/original title.

The game (for those who've never played) is like a cross between a slider
puzzle and tetris. You start with a blank gameboard.  You can request
peices which zoom across the screen in which ever of the four directions
you choose to send it.  So movement is in extreme motions.

In addition, there are other things to mess you up, like holes opening up
in the wall to swallow peices if you slide them that direction, other wall
based booby-traps as well as other "non-image" peices that do things like
explode, etc.

It seems kinda neat, but it's definately not going to be in version 1 of

I but down someplace as a "possible future enhancement". :)

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