Re: Revisiting App Menu

* Soren Harward
| If someone takes the time to make the switch to gnome--or if they've never
| had a system of their own and this one comes with gnome (world
| domination!)--then they will approach it like "okay, different UI,
| different feel."  This is a wholly good thing, and one we should
| capitalize on. 

| In short: I don't think "program configuration" and "quit" belong in a
| "file" menu, but rather a separate "program" menu.  You think anyone is
| going to panic, FDISK linux, and return scared to Win/Mac just because
| they couldn't find the "quit" option the first place they looked.

I agree, but one cannot make it too different either. And I am not
scared about the Windows users, but Linux users which use other apps
that aren't Gnome. It is a sword to balance on I think. 

| Another idea: how about a short "tutorial" for gnome--approachable from a
| few levels like "newbie," "familiar with computers," and "power user"--to
| acclimate people quickly to the switch?  I know MS and Apple do these
| things for their UIs.  I'd be willing to help design it.

Of course... An ideal manual should come in three versions, Newbie,
Advanced, Expert, but I'd rather have one good than none :). 

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