Re: gnome-core problem solved !

On 5 Jul 1998, Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> "Jarl" == Jarl Wijman <> writes:
> Jarl> Turns out, doing "make install" in gnome-libs, doesn't copy all
> Jarl> include files.
> Can you tell me which ones are missing?

Yes, please send more info; the gnome-preferences stuff is my fault so I
may have screwed something up. Are you sure you didn't have an older
gnome-libs without the new toolbar_relief function, and a newer gnome-core
which used that function?
> I could only find gnome-icon-sel.h and gnome-dentry-edit.h.  I think
> neither of these should be installed, as the corresponding .c files
> are not included in the library (I presume this will change someday).

Yep. These files are not finished yet; they're meant for use in gmenu, and
will probably go in the library when gmenu is fixed to work with them. 
Though if someone needs them now and makes sure they compile there's no
real reason not to include them.

Havoc Pennington ====

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