Re: source rpm's

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Jarl Wijman wrote:

> Hi,
> can anyone tell me when new source rpm's will be out for Gnome ?
> i really can't get the 0.20 sources going. (i'm on RH 4.2, kernel 2.0.33)
> Or is there a possibility to update the sources that came from the
> src-rpm's
> with sources from CVS ?   if so, how ?
I've got updated spec files for
glib, gtk+, imlib, mico, gnome-libs, gnome-core
with the current snapshot .tar.gz.
Basically, it should be possible to update the other spec files based upon
this .spec files and the 0.20 ones.
(Why only these ones? Because that's what I need for tomgtk work, and
 when I tried then gnome-objc refused to compile.)

So if you want I can send you the spec files. And yes, resumed
recompilation from RH labs would be a good thing to do(tm).


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