Re: language bindings & Gnome

On Thu, 2 Jul 1998, Jaka Mocnik wrote:

> > -) Don't know if I can override signal slots that some super class has
> >    overriden by a C function (as in gnome-hello-7-mdi).
> As far as subclassing GnomeMDIChild is concerned, I explained above what
> was the ONLY reason I decided to subclass it. adding a pointer to
> GnomeMDIChild to point to document data or gtk_object_set_data()ing this
> data would work perfectly as well.
> I don't really understand the last one: in case of GnomeMDIChild, you'd
> simply gtk_signal_connect() the signals to your newly created
> GnomeMDIChild. The default handlers are non-existant anyway.
My point is not only about GnomeMDI. (Actually, I've already suceeded
yesterday to create a (not yet complete) clone of gnome-hello-7-mdi in
TOM.) But I'm not sure if in general a signal will override a handler set
as a C function in the class struct? (Perhaps you know? *g*)


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