Re: Wanda the GNOME Fish

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> This reminds me... shouldn't GnomeDialogs be resizable by default?  It
> is the responsibility of the programmer to ensure that his widgets
> inside the dialog resize the proper way.

I have no strong feelings. I guess most dialogs have no need to resize -
e.g. GnomeMessageBox, GnomeAbout, have no reason to be resized.
WindowMaker (for example) will leave off the resize decorations for the
dialogs, and it looks cleaner.

Anyway, the reason they aren't resizable isn't that the widgets won't
resize right, but rather that most dialogs shouldn't be resizable, and
GnomeDialog attempts to provide a reasonable default for the most common
case.  For those dialogs that should be resizable, the programmer can
set_policy.  Keep in mind that GnomeDialog is not intended to be used in
cases like the Gimp's layers dialog. 

If the dialogs are made resizable by default, we'd have to add a
set_policy call to MessageBox, About, the dialog-util functions, etc.


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