Re: failed install on gnomine.scores


> Just some small feedback.  For some reasone, either I deleted them or
> they never existed, I didn't have the /usr/local/var/games dir on my
> system.  so, of course when the install tried to touch
> /usr/local/var/games/gnomine.scores it failed.
> I didn't even have /usr/local/var.  Needless to say, there should
> probably be a test for this situation in the install.  Whoops, Now it's
> trying to chown samegnome.scores which doesn't exist in the same dir.  I
> guess it never tried to touch it.
IMHO, the default for localstatedir, $(prefix)/var, is a very ugly one.
I suggest running the configure with the --localstatedir=/var/lib.

> jason
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> Jason Gilbert | |


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