Re: "Official" gnome window manager

>  A desktop system needs it.  That is part of what a desktop system is.
> Desktop systems are supposed to make computers easier to use.  New users
> won't find it easier if one "Gnome" system they walk up to behaves one way
> and another behaves and looks differently.

	Wait a minute.  Gnome seems to be a project to create a nice
development system for Linux.  Provide a consistant way to code
applications, and make a number of exported resources.  Gnome shouldn't
require anything from a window manager.  Thus almost any window manager
should be usable. 

	 New users are not going to "be walking up to" a Gnome
environment.  This is not MS Windows.  You don't sit down and start
working at any terminal you see...  You sit down, log in, load your
environment and start working.  It isn't the job of the development system
to demand one window manager over another.  It's the job of the user, or
the distribution, or the organization.  

	We can provide default scripts for showing everything off, but the
point should be easy customization.  People like being able to customize
things...  As I see it, people should be able to start using their new
computer right away, but should be rewarded for learning more about it.
(Oh!  That's how I change my bootup options!)


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