RE: ANNOUNCE: Style Guide available for review.

> paul wrote
> > agree;  in fact, Esc should generally (dare I say always?:) be bound
> to
> > the Cancel button.
> and earlier
> >There is no sense making the user learn the "one true way" of the
> system
> >when we can make the system learn the "one true way" of the user!
> Since
> >I've been using F3 to open and F2 to save for over ten years, whey
> >should I change to using ^O and ^S all of a sudden?  Likewise
> >Shift+Insert, Shift+Delete vs. ^X & ^V.  The windoze-way is typically
> a
> >good default binding (because of likely novice user familiarity), but
> as
> >we all know, the windoze way is NOT the "one true way."
> >In short, I urge the gnome way to be "sensible defaults coupled with
> >user-configurability" -- truly the best of both worlds!
> I complete agree with the this last sentence.
> Let me have a way to configure CTRL-G for 'cancel.
Silly me!  I didn't mean to say "Esc."  I meant to say
(I can't imagine why you'd want ^G for cancel, but far be it from me to
tell you what to like!:)

> How about key-themes ? e.g. emacs-key-theme ?
Sure, why not?  (Not that I know exactly what they are, being a vi guy.)


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