RE: Menu UI issues

> Obviously, by default, the top-level menu gets pinned to the top of
> the application window, which gives them a familiar UI.
> There ought to be a way to work a toolbar into this same system, so
> that a toolbar is just another menu with icons that a user can pin
> into their application window.
I agree with this.  "A menu is just a toolbar" is a good idea.  I don't
think the right-mouse menu should match the application main menu,
however.  The right-mouse menu should be a context-menu with only the
stuff relevant in the current context.  Nothing wrong with a submenu at
the bottom for "Main menu -->", though.

I definitely like the idea of the menubar being *optional*.  I.e. if I
choose not to have a menubar tool pinned to the top of my window, that's
fine.  (I definitely prefer OS/2 file windows with no menu bar to the
screen-wasting menu&toolbar-adorned win95 ones, for instance.)

> [ warning: this is a stealth pie menu message ]
What the heck is a pie menu?


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