Re: Don't waste time on offline newsreaders...

On 9 Feb 1998, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> Gianluca Montecchi <> writes:
> > True. But perhaps (in my opinion) write a front-end for this (or for
> > skim etc. etc.) is a good idea.  I prefer a single program to read
> > the mail, a program to read the news and so on.  Another idea can be
> > to have a single program with two or more window to read the news,
> > read the mail, etc.
> But that model gains you *nothing*, and has two easy-to-discern costs:
> 2) It's not an efficient use of net resources for the same reason
> Netscape's cache is when compared to squid---it means each person
> using a machine must downloading a copy of gnu.emacs.bugs instead of
> using a shared cached copy.  Disks are cheap, but bandwidth rarely is.

Why ? 

I use the net only when I must download the articles and post my articles.
I am not always on line. If it is true that disks are cheap (and this is
true) it is better to waste disk-space.
You don't take care of the dial-up lines. I agree that we cannot take care
only this, we must take care also this. 

What I want is a newsreader that it is usable also with a dial-up
connection. I don't want to pay a expensive phone bill, so for me (or
other) is better the offline reader.


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