At 12:08 PM 2/6/98 -0500, Todd Lewis wrote:
>The first, rather inconsequential version of the FAQ can be found at:
>That directory also holds the original LinuxDoc SGML, ASCII, DVI, and
>postscript versions as well, along with a handy, generic LinuxDoc->
>anything makefile.
>I'm not done with it yet, but comments are welcome regardless.

>From the FAQ:

What role does GTK play in GNOME?

GTK is the interface which GNOME applications use to interact with the
user. It is similar to the role of Motif in KDE or the
the-widget-set-which-has-no-name in win32. 

I do not think that motif is used in KDE. KDE uses QT. CDE uses motif.

M.Watson redline at pdq dot net


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