RE: GMC Network

I am sorry if the "must" offends you but to be an enterprise wide operating
system unfortunatly it is a requirement. :(
I want to see Gnome replace Windows some day. :)
I dont like it much myself but not being a good c programmer I thaught I
would just suggest the idea and then see what happens.

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> On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Fox, Kevin M wrote:
> > I am on a Winsuck network. :(
> > If Gnome is to be a replacement to windows, GMC must provide a "Network
> > Neighborhood"
> > And it must support SMB. Samba would be a good thing to tie into GMC.
> > Personally I hate SMB compared to NCP but I cant do anything about that
> at
> > work.
> > For the enterprises to use Gnome, they must be able to just point and
> click
> > there way through the network. Most business people don't know the names
> of
> > there servers... They can only remember it if they see it.
> So write a gnome tool or capplet which can configure autofs and amd and
> also provide .desktop files and symlinks to such things.  Or, if you
> /really/ must, incorporate an smb client into gmc.
> The Gnome people are working very hard and doing a great job.  Please
> refrain from telling them what they "must" do.  If you need a feature
> then write it, pay someone to write it, or ask nicely if it might get
> added to a TODO list somewhere.
> If you're not prepared to hack then test, post helpfully, or lurk.
> "Insights" such as your posting help no-one.
> Matthew.

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