file selector-power users excluded

Greetings gnome users and linux lovers!

	The other day I started playing with Gnumeric, a wonderful
semi-working spreadsheet written by some fella here on the list
probably. Anyways, I plugged in all my paycheck stub stats, wasn't
very hard, the numbers are all small *grin*. I went to save the
spreadsheet, and I realized that I wouldn't want anybody else peeking
at my file (wouldn't it be nice if I could set the permissions on this
file right here in the save dialog.) 
	I'm not a power user by any means, if you think novice users would be
scared by a *security* setting (security setting is only an example)
on files, then change the wording around a bit, 

Instead of 

	Set UID Bit 0 on file to Group UID of 500 via 		encrypted public key
jargon jargon jargon.

Translate this to english, then the novice user can understand it,
make it more intuitive, ie.
	Security Privaleges for File:

		For Your Eyes Only (no snooping 			allowed) ->
		Anybody Can view the contents ->

etc etc etc, There are ways to make these complicated features easy
for the novice user to understand, dont be afraid to throw them in,
I'd love if it you guys did.

I for one hope to see lots of options in the fileslect dialog, the
more power, the better. A Nice MDI implementation of many dialogs
would be nice as well, probably even better.

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