Re: Suggestions for coding your GNOME applications (Miguel de Icaza) writes:

> Suggestions for enhacning the user experience in your application:
> Try to use:
Add to this: 

 -- Make use of tear-off menus (not these silly tear-off menu bars
    please) wherever it proves feasible.  This is especially useful
    for large nested menus where one repeatedly might want to access a
    certain entry.  As a good example for an application that would
    significantly gain in useability from such an enhancement would be
    the current stable GIMP.

On the other hand it would be *very* nice if the capability to use
tear-off menus (not these silly tear-off menu bars please) could be
globally enabled by the end user in a central configuration tool.
This would probably mean to have to define this on a far lower library
level than only the application level.

It doesn't seem to be an such an obvious handy useability feature in
the perception of most developers but i'd really like to see this made
an optional global function by both GNOME and KDE.  It's a true pity
for all those who've become used to it using certain Motif apps like
the great HTML editor asWedit (""), various
tc/tk-based apps (the latest tkdesk-1.1 file manager comes to mind)
and naturally the ground breaking NeXTStep user interface.

Unfortunately i can't provide any code since i have no programming
skills.  But then again i'm one of those guys who would probably
significantly suffer from bad design decisions on the developer's
behalf and therefore i'd like to at least make my voice heard. ;-)

                              Thank you, P. *8^)

PS: BTW, is anybody besides me still subscribed to the gnome-kde list?
    If yes, can someone please tell me how many people are lurking
    around waiting for someone to start a constructive dialog?
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