Re: you broke gnome-mdi :)

Jaka Mocnik wrote:
> Stuart Parmenter wrote:
> >
> > No,  Balsa crashes upon startup due to recent changes made to gnome-mdi.
> > Yosh has verified that it was not just me.  The code worked fine until 2
> > days ago.
> The code seems fine to me, but I cant get it to compile because of
> references
> to gnome_dialog functions that no longer exist (set_modal(),
> run_and_hide()).
> perhaps you should just update gnome-libs and try again?
I've fixed it. Balsa should work now, but gnome_mdi_set_mode() SHOULDN'T
be used
for refreshing display. it looks really ugly and gets you into trouble
if - like
you - is called from within app_created handler.



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