Re: Still the same ORBit error

..--==-  Tue, 08 Dec 1998 20:35:59 +0100,
..--==-  Jerome OUFELLA (JO) mentioned:

 JO)  Felix Bellaby wrote:
 )) What you need to do is a make clean in ORBit/idl-compiler (and
 )) perhaps libIDL) and then do a make and make install in these
 )) directories before building the rest of ORBit.

 JO)  	Well, I just tried that: making all clean in libIDL and
 JO)  idl-compiler, rebuilding libIDL, install (then ldconfig).  Then
 JO)  the same thing for idl-compiler, it's now running into my gnome
 JO)  install directory.

 JO)  But the same problem persists: the .h file created by orbit-idl
 JO)  from the .idl file remains empty. I still get the same
 JO)  compilation error.

 JO)  Anyone has an idea ? This could probably help many other people
 JO)  too...

Are these the latest development versions of both ORBit and libIDL (be
sure they are both the latest, and install libIDL beforehand if
necessary)? What machine is this on?

There was at least one evil hardcoded dependency in orbit-idl (it
assumed too much about libIDL), which even a recompile wouldn't fix. I
removed this problem from orbit-c-backend.c about a week or two ago.

Andrew  	"The identical is equal to itself, since it is different." --
		Franco Spisani

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