Re: Session management writes:
 > On  3 Dec, Michael O'Reilly scribbled:
 > ->  Is the gnome session management intended to save and restore window
 > ->  geometry? If so, what mechinism is being used for this? I'm under the
 > ->  impression that the window manger is responsible for the window
 > ->  positioning, and it's difficult (impossible?) for an app to find it's
 > ->  position without talking to the window manager?
 > gnome-session is pretty broken right now - as are all gnome clients -
 > the MW has no chance of ding this as the session ID is never set on
 > those client windows so the WM cant identfy the session those windows
 > belong to. Also gnome-session itself has many issues :)

I agree re brokenness on client side but the client ids are being set.
You need to look on the client leader window (i.e. WM_HINTS "group leader").

You should not need the session name. Index the data on the client id
allocated to E. 


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