Re: Eterm problems on HP-UX 10.10

I get the same error with Eterm every time I run it, and I am using RH5.1
with the latest EGCS (1.1b I think) and libraries.

Also, for me, when X quits and I have an Eterm open, I see an Eterm segfault
on the screen when console returns.

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Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 1998 1:28 PM
Subject: Eterm problems on HP-UX 10.10

>Can someone help me fix this problem?  I've compiled
>Eterm (11/30 snap from jimpick) with egcs 1.1b on HP-SUX
>with imlib 1.8.1.
>The problem is simply that it can't get a psuedo-tty. Probly
>a simple solution, but I'm at a loss.
>machine:> bin/Eterm
>Eterm: parse error in file MAIN, line 96:  Invalid parameter list "Cannot"
for attribute background
>Imlib Init
>Eterm: Can't open pseudo-tty -- No such file or directory
>Eterm: aborting
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