Re: fonts

On Sat, 22 Aug 1998, Soren Harward wrote:

> I got xsftt running on my system after downloading a precompiled server
> and about a hour of messing kludge-ing (with good instructions, it can be
> done in about 10 minutes), but it looks SWEET, and now I have about 1800
> fonts on my system instead of just 200-some.
> Does anyone know of XFree86 4.0 will support TrueType?  It's definitely
> an area that should be handled by X and not GNOME, but I think we
> (and I bet this would be one area on which KDE agree with us and possibly 
> even collaborate) should encourage (and help, if possible) the XFree86
> people to add TrueType support because the majority of the Windows world
> doesn't even recognize that there are font formats other than TrueType.

Actually, I'm hoping XFree86 4.0 will have a separate (i.e. replacable)
font engine, so it would be easier to add support for other font formats
(eg. OpenType).  Antialiased font support would also be nice to see, as
long as you can control it carefully.


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