Re: libxml?

Quoting Kurt Granroth (
> I've seen a few references to a 'libxml.a'?  What is this?  I'm assuming
> that it's a XML parsing lib... but library names aren't always the best
> indicator of content.

 In this case they are,

> Does anyone know the status of this lib and where it's at?

  In development (by myself), but I still use the W3C cvs [1] tree on my
machine for fast development (faster for me, and avoid sharing bugs
due to fast changes of APIs).
  I should propagate the changes soon to the Gnome tree, and code
the load for gnumeric (currently there is only an XML save :-).
  I try first to make it conformant with the spec (not that simple),
then to use it for rpmfind and rpm2html [2] (RPM indexing and search tools)
and to integrate it in Gnome. Focuses are code lisibility, conformance
and decent speed. Extra will be DOM (and SAX ?) interfaces through
Corba (Orbit). Long term is validation and user interface.


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