Re: Widget for Multiple Document Interface?

On Sun, Aug 02, 1998 at 10:48:04PM -0500, Armistead wrote:
> Hi, I recently inquired within the GTK+ mailing list about a MDI
> widget.  I was told that possibly Gnome has written one and it is
> included in the Gnome project?  Is this true?  Any information would
> be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I've noticed a few posts referring to 'Multiple Document
Interface'. I'm assuming that this is not supposed to have anything to
do with 'Windows MDI' (i.e. Multiple Document Interface), which is a
user interface paradigm where you have multiple sub-windows trapped
inside one main window. Windows MDI is widly accepted as one of the
most poor UI ideas of this decade.

It sounds to me like the Gnome references to MDI just mean that you
can open up multiple documents within the same application (i.e. same
address space). If I'm understanding this correctly, you may want to
come up with a different name for it, because at least some people
will mistake the term for Windows MDI, and you don't want people
mistaking it for that terrible thing.

David Jeske (N9LCA) + +

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