Re: StarOffice as idea source

On Sun, 26 Apr 1998, robert havoc pennington wrote:

>We get the "better" for free, because the open-source nature of Gnome
>means any reusable code can be moved to gnome-libs, and the distribution
>model of Linux means everything will be beautifully integrated by Red Hat
>and Debian. So don't worry about alien bloatware. What does need worrying
>about is usability and non-hacker appeal.
	Yeah.. I think that  when designing applications we should be
aware of what a vetrinarian, hairdresser, real-estate broker or some non
Information technology worker (the other 90% of computer users) would want out
of a computing environment instead of what a kernel hacker would want.  Kernel
hackers are going to want XEmacs and Latex and non-IT end users are probably
going to want something more like StarOffice.

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