Re: StarOffice as idea source (robert havoc pennington) writes:

> It implements its own environment, complete with window manager, file
> manager, and applications.  Functionally, this is pretty much what Gnome
> should be, IMO. We might think of StarOffice as a competing environment. 
I'm sorry to say that, but i consider StarOffice a complete failure.
It only emulates it's own working environment as defined by Win95
instead of integrating itself into and taking advantage of the great
Linux and X features like e.g. the virtual desktop.  It's not enough
providing a cost free application if it simply introduces itself as an
alien element. Just try cut'n'paste between xclipboard and any
StarOffice application...  It only integrates it's own components and
that's what it's all about.  I'd rather happily invest some money into
a well integrated and good working ApplixWare than downloading and
using a cost free StarOffice with all it's performance shortcomings if
i really needed anything else besides (X)Emacs and LaTeX.  This is
really not what Gnome should be going for please.

                                Thank you, P. *8^)
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