Re: undo/redo

>> John Kodis:
>> > My preferences, at least for text editors, are:
>> >   = Fast, unlimited undo/redo, bound to auto-repeating keys.
>> >   = When a file is saved, its edit history is discarded.
>> >   = Saves happen w/o confirmation.  Exiting w/o saving modified
>> >     buffers requires confirmation.
>> Why discard the history when the file is saved?
>It provides a convenient way to commit a series of changes to a file
>and to drop the history list.  While not the only way of working
>(perhaps not even the best way), it does fit in well with the way that
>most folks (or me, at least) think about the relationship between
>files on disk and buffers in memory.

History should be preserved as many time as possible. You do not lose
anything, but you can get much. Imagine you save and then you realize that
the last things was bad... with your way, there is no fall back.

Sometimes I think that all programs should have a history fuction, and the
option to save inside the file. For example look at Windoze Picture
Publisher (Gimp should copy that). The idea of command history saved with
the file is cool.

Why not a full history for all? You can leave quit working, and when you
restart, the program is back to the previous state, including undos. Ideal
for session managment or long projects.


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