Let's care about the Gnome project (WAS: Re: Rewarding who write free software (was Re: Gnome Web Browser))


this is a message for Paolo Radaelli, and for anyone who is listening on
this mailing list.

Please, stop talking here about a new GPL license. There are lots of people
who have *already* talked about this, and there are *lots* of information
that you are missing. Please, check out, and do it in the right place. This
is valid also for information requests about CVS, and everything that does
*not* help at all the Gnome project.

Please, let's make be *this* email the last of this sad thread about a
modified GPL to make commercial the free software. And, please, try not to
answer emails that have nothing to do with the Gnome project. When someone
sends an off topic email, it's enough to send him a message, telling him
what's the right place to discuss about that subject.

All this, if you care about the Gnome projet (I do).

Tony Merc Mobily, technical editor of "Dev." and "Login". 
Technical Writer
Edizioni Infomedia   : ++39-587-737460
Personal Phone Number: ++61-2-91301863 <--- CHANGED!!
Currently located in: SYDNEY, Australia (+10 hours GMT!)

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