RE: Icons of program

> Toshio Kuratomi <> writes:
> Also -- by defining a very specific icon file format, we are tying
> ourselves
> to a specific set of features.  Maybe we put everything we think we
> could
> possibly want into the image file -- but ten years from now (When
> everyone is
> actually using GNOME :-) we may find that there's something new that
> we want
> -- Maybe there's a new way to do 3D modeling that's small enough to
> make
> sensible icons or a new compression algorithm that is just world's
> better --
> and if our "icons" just contain pointers to the real image, (that is
> then
> decodable by some general image library like imlib..)  then all we
> have to do
> is start defining pointers to the new image type.  If we put the image
> data
> into the icon file along with the rest of the meta-info, we have to
> scrap the
> icon format and define version-2 (and 3 and 4....)
> Just view it (sort of) as a database problem, an normalise the
> file(table).  The images shouldn't be in there for the reasons that
> you don't build your database as one big table.
> Reinier Mostert

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