Re: Rewarding who write free software (was Re: Gnome Web Browser)

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> I think that a modified version of the Gpl (or other free software licence)
> can help us.
> I think that we can finance free software and the people who dedicate
> themselves to creating free software with son duties in the Licence. 
> Because Freedom implies some duties.
> The duty I wa thinking about was the duty to finance the development of free
> software.
> This means: are you using this free software? Are you a
> commercial/governmetnt/university institution, or otherwise you get from this
> free software some benefits that can be priced? Well you have to support the
> DEVELOPMENT of this free software by paying some fee to the institution that
> coordinates and develop it (for example with Gnome people should pay Red hat,
> which in turn should pay some shares to everyone who contribute to the
> project).

You have missed the point, haven't you? It wouldn't be Free any more. This is the 
kind of license that makes QT non-free. 

> What do you think about it?
> Is there something similar to this idea?

Yes - commercial software. 


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