Icons of program

   raster@redhat.com wrote:

 r> *  we have to accept cp, mv, rm etc. are NOt goign to deal wlll with ANY
 r> icon system we use that has any power at all.

mine would work, that was one of the reasons i opted for that approach.

 r> * using icon files is piss-easy to impliment - it's simple, easy, hard
 r> to break (ie the KISS prinicple. Keep It Simple Stupid) so corupt
 r> databases aren't a possability - it also will speed up implimentation

imho *both* are out for the disadvantages. databases - no discussion. but .info
files will break with every shell command you use, will break if you symlink
files (how many symlinks do you have on your system? run a find and tell me),
they will clutter all directories, eat up inodes and kill wildcard use and

please, pretty please, forget about this really bad idea.

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