Re: Bounce a few ideas off

On 22 Apr 1998, Owen Taylor wrote:
> For su, why not write a version that allows the plaintext password
> to be provided via stdin. (_not_ by the command line! ps auxw...)

Ah, that's all I needed. I was thinking command line, which
was obviously a bad idea. I will make gsu work this way.

(I don't remember it using stdin at all, so it should be trivial, no
preexisting functionality to interfere.)
> I have to agree that setuid GNOME/GTK applications are not a good
> idea. Just a few of the places where a user can provide input:

I agree, I just didn't know how to avoid it. I'm not very experienced with
these things. (btw, if someone more experienced wants to do it, please do;
I won't be offended. I'm doing it on the "better than nothing" principle.)
Havoc Pennington

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