New User Question: upgrade which rpms to solve which problems?

I'm wondering about the errors I see in the xterm while running gmc and
panel.  When gmc (version 19980421) is running, sometimes I double click
on a jpeg, and I see this:

/tmp/24048aaa: /tmp/24048aaa: No such file or directory

This happens not matter what directory I'm in, or what the name of the
file is. I can right click and open it, but no double click.

Sometimes I get more info:
/tmp/24114baa: /tmp/24114baa: No such file or directory

** WARNING **: file gtkwidget.c: line 1279 (gtk_widget_show): "widget != NULL"

** WARNING **: file gtkwidget.c: line 1279 (gtk_widget_show): "widget != NULL"

I don't think I saw this problem in the previous gmc/gnome.

Here's another one. When panel is open and some program, such as EE
is open, the xterm where the panel was started fills up--and keeps
filling--with "waiting for launcher" line after line.

Question: which package causes this behavior? I assume its sucking a
lot of CPU time, constantly printing out "waiting for launcher." How do
I get rid of it?

More generally, tell me this. When a new daily set of rpms is
available, do people install all of them, or just some?  To fix my 
problem with gmc double clicks, for example, could I just watch for new
mc and gmc packages, or do I necessarily have to get them all?  I'm
curious because I don't want to download new problems when I don't need
to (I'd stay with a working version unless the list announces a
significant new feature.) 

Paul E. Johnson                 
Dept. of Political Science                Office: (913) 864-9086
University of Kansas                      FAX: (913) 864-5700
Lawrence, Kansas 66045                    Home: (913) 842-9916                  

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