Re: Icons of program

Hi !

> At 4) can be improved by providing different storage algorithms for
> different types of files:
> -) GNOME specific files: can use a special format from the beginning, that
>    specifies a resource/data fork.
> -) shell scripts, binaries, etc. can be made to contain
>    the resource fork.
>    *) binaries on ELF system may use a ELF section to store it's
>       resources.
>    *) shell scripts etc. will probably not need much resources,
>       (icons, usage info, DnD info, etc.)
>       so it's probably ok to encode the resources in comment lines
>    *) other extensible formats: each needs a special file handle adaptor
> -) nonextensible file formats (by design or by nondocumentation):
>    Here we can store the resource fork in a .info file.

Don't forget that you can't modify all files. And you shouldn't. At least on 
Unix. (One problem of MS-Windows is, that every program thinks, that it 
can mess with your system...)

		Jens Ch. Restemeier

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