Re: NAN in libgnomeui

Tristan Tarrant <> writes:

> Someone checked in some code for gnome-calculator.c which assigns the
> constant NAN to some variables.
> Under Solaris 2.5, such a constant does not exist. There are only some
> defines which return true if a value is a NAN.
> I don't know how to replace NAN with a portable equivalent.
> Under Solaris, a value is a NAN when its exponent is 2047.

So I'm not the only one trying to compile this under Solaris.  I just
commented gnome-calculator out of the Makefile.  (It's useless to me
anyways, I only use RPN.)

The only other problem I've hit so far is that mico hard codes the
path to the build tree in the Makefiles, so I can't build on one
system and do the make install on another.


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