Re: Icons of program

On Sun, 19 Apr 1998 wrote:

> easy. Do what ee does.
> if you use the thumbnail viewer, check in ~/.ee/icons/
> u'll proly find form that dir on it will build a miror of your filing
> system - so if you have a thumbnail for a picture:
> /usr/local/pix/sky.png
> a thumbnail exists in:
> ~/.ee/icons/usr/local/pix/sky.png
> ee will build this tree as it goes around creating thumbnails... all
> transparently.. :) it still makessense to have an icon format..a nd
> place that file there. Thats the placement of the ".info" file.. that
> can be done many ways. I still think we need a nice compact,
> open-designed icon format to place somewhere than can hold user
> preferences like for exectubles the parameters to run the program with,
> or for data files the program to run to "open" that data file etc.

Hey! You are smart too! 8) This sounds like a good idea. Every user has
rights to modify their own .gnome -dir anyway.


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