Re: Icons of program

On Fri, 17 Apr 1998, Dwight Hubbard wrote:

> showed that the concept worked fairly well.  What would be nice would be
> to use the
> same format as the Amiga since that would provide us with a large
> working set of
> freely available icons to work with.

Just a thought: We need Gnome InfoEd, a program that lets you select
images for the icons (2-state icons (amiga) look nice btw :) and lets you
edit the properties fields. It would then save the .info in amiga .info 
format perhaps? Does amiga .info contain enough information to be used in
gnome? Just thoughts..

I'm trying to do icon stuff whenever I find time.. but 
without the possibility to do them in gimp, eek. No interest to use Amiga

But I like that as an idea. Since we do need some file to store the
information for the 'desktop-icon' anyway, why not put it to the .info ?

btw, miguel, there are some new pics in my gnome-stock page.

Tuomas / tigert

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