Icons of program

   Dwight Hubbard wrote:

 DH> Rename your resource fork as filename.info and you essentially have and
 DH> Amiga
 DH> .info file.  It might be better to name it .uid.info for a multiuser
 DH> environment though.
both will break shell-completion mechanisms. they will also have unwanted side-
effects on almost every command using wildcards, like "xv *" to view all the
pixmaps in the current dir.

 DH>   I still think this is the best solution,
 DH> centralized
 DH> solutions be they registries or centralized directories tend to loose
 DH> all the
i think a registry-lookalike isn't even worth talking about. the windoze one is
a bad design badly implemented, but even a good implementation wouldn't save

 DH> fork.  It also has the benifit of having both the program and it's icon
 DH> resources in the same place which makes them easier to move with current

 DH> tools.  I.E. "mv /footerm* /mnt/floppy" will copy footerm and it's icon
 DH> to
 DH> the floppy.
however, "mv *.html /usr/local/whatever" will break everything.

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