Re: Gnome Web Browser

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Martin Baulig wrote:
> There may be some problem with mozilla - or with its license - AFAIK it's
> not compatible with the GPL - and GNOME is a desktop environment that consists
> entirely of *free* software - here, we should interpret *free* software the way 
> the FSF does (ie distributed under the GPL).

This is not what the FSF means by free. They mean the Debian or Open
Source guidelines, just as most others do. GPL is only a means to
> When you think we can use Mozilla within GNOME - why should we then
> make GNOME? There's already KDE - it's also 'free' software as Mozilla is
> 'free' software - but this 'free' here is not what the FSF tells us.

Mozilla is free in the FSF sense, and RMS has said so. Qt is not - it
fails multiple aspects of the Debian/Open Source guidelines. See KDE is itself free, but it depends on Qt, so is not
usable in an all-free environment.

[Note: everyone read the DejaNews on this. It's off topic on this list.]

Havoc Pennington

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