Gnome/RedHat Questions

This is addressed to the folks at Red Hat who are working on gnome:

After running across some references to Gnome, I thought that it sounded
good and wanted to give it a try.  I am currently running rhl 5.0 with all
current fixes applied (as of 4/18).  I have a separate partition where I
test stuff as major as gnome so that it does not impact my production system.

I have no idea if any of the folks at Red Hat Labs who are working on Gnome
have tried to install and run Gnome from the rpm's on
but my impression is that they have NOT.

1. The older version (040xxxx) just will not install because of
dependencies.  In fact, only 1998041412 and 1998041516 will install.
However, they don't work!

2. As mentioned in some other messages, bringing up the x-server and
starting panl just results in lots of error messages, a "bar" at the bottom
and little else.  I followed the directions in "Getting Started" (installed
up to gnome-core).  OK, in a reply to one of the messages on gnome-list,
the situation was reported and the "fix" was to get a later update of
gnome-core from the cvs (I picked up a copy from Jim Pick's ftp site since
the cvs was down).

3. OK, since I like using rpm to build my binaries, I figured I would use
it to rebuild gnome-core.  But first, lets try to at least compile the
gnome-core source in the gnome-core-0.13*.src.rpm -- 

	a) first, my "current" rpm did not like the gnome-core.spec (the readme in
the devel directory mentions rpm 2.4.104 --- WHERE IS THIS???)

	b) Just to get it to sort of work, I commented out the offending line and
tried again -- this time, it proceeded (boy, it it compute bound) until it
could not find an executable called "mico-c++".

What goes???  Have you folks forgotten you have some stuff installed which
IS REQUIRED to rebuild the binaries?

I suspect that I am not alone in having these problems.  We can't help in
porting/creating applications if we cannot get the environment up and working.

Please pause and try installing on a "fresh" linux system.  Then rebuild
all of the binaries from the source.  When you find all of the missing
stuff, maybe you can then provide that so that the rest of us can install


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