Re: Icons of program

On 19 Apr 1998, Stefan Nobis wrote:

> What wants the user to do? Start programs (like netscape) or edit
* I want my html file to be recognized still when I've typed .htxl by
* I want netscape started on some docu files, but I want my HTML editor
  started on my own HTML files. (which happens to be Emacs :) )
> files (writing text, painting a picture). What needs he for this task?
> The data and the programs. The data, on Unix machines, will be located 
> in the users home dir. Why not directly show the user all of his home
> (except the hidden dot files). And then the programs. OK, make for
> every program a .program.gnomlnk file which can be located anywhere in 
> the users home dir. This way the desktop really represents the content 
> of the harddisk. Users who sometimes uses the console or the like
> would not be confused or have to deal with different directory
> structures. Maybe there should be a system dir like .skel from which
> some standard .*.gnomelnk files will be copied in the users home dir
> but why do you need that much extra directory structures?
That's my thought also. Additional information are neccessary.
But they should be kept as near as possible to the data file, to keep
the confusion down. Ideas:
* name -> .name file
* name -> .name directory
* name -> name directory. (That's the NeXT way: Make a whole directory
                           look like a file in the GUI.)


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