Re: guile-slib

fractture wrote:

> Guile is the scheme for GNOME right?
> I don't see it referenced in slib README.
> I also know nothing about scheme, so I also have no idea what the slib
> README is talking about.
> How do I install this thing?

Well, I installed the 4.2 rpm for umb-scheme, and I put the dir slib in
/usr/local/share/guile/1.2I then ran make.
I tried to compile guile-gtk and get..

  make[2]: Entering directory `/home/jik-/gnome-guile-0.13/guile-gtk'
./gen-typeinfo info gtk.defs ./guile.details >tmpt \
&& mv tmpt gtk-types.c
guile: Unbound variable: identity

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