Re: Icons of program

Dwight Hubbard <> writes:

> >
> > filename
> >
> >
> I was thinking the same thing yesterday.  It's simple to implement
> and the Amiga showed that the concept worked fairly well.  What
> would be nice would be to use the same format as the Amiga since
> that would provide us with a large working set of freely available
> icons to work with.

 I'd give that idea a bit of thought, before following it. The concept
is sound in itself, but the implementation lacks in several
places. The biggest flaw is the non-existant handling of different
palettes and/or color depths of the icons. Furthermore, the
manipulation of such images would require a specialized tool.

 It would probably be better to provide a tool to convert from .info
to xpm or somesuch, and base further work on that.


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