Re: gnome and gtk 1.0

On 17 Apr 1998, Vollmer Marius wrote:

> Stuart Parmenter <> writes:
> > I want to continue with gtk+ development due to the fact that 1.0
> > doesn't address any focus issues, or many other things that GNOME
> > needs to work the way it *should*.  There are arguments both ways,
> > but I believe gnome should continue to progress as GTK does.
> I suggest to do both.  Track the Gtk development by using new features
> but make sure that Gnome at least works with Gtk-1.0.  Using Gtk-1.0
> might not give the user the latest features, of course.

I suggest to follow only the 1.0.x development (that I think will be only
bug fixes, or not ?) so there is always a stable version to use. I am not
sure that can be a good idea to use a development version of gtk when
there is a stable version.



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